Santa Fe Wet Plate Photography

A full-service photo studio, as long as it is in the wet plate tin type process of course

Welcome to my TinType studio! I have been an advertising photographer since the early ’70s.  The 1970’s that is.  This process of making an image has been around since about 1847


Although the tintype collodion process is fraught with artifacts, I strive to make perfect plates. Artifacts and defects are part of the nature of making a tintype that most people enjoy as it shows the hand made nature of tintypes.

Flexible schedule

You can find me at various Renaissance Fairs, Steampunk Conventions and other fun venues around the country.  For a current list or to to book me for your custom event, such as a wedding, please contact me.

Latest technology

I do not use the latest tech to make these images.  I use modern pure chemistry, formulated using recipes from 1847.  Hand crafted, bespoke images.


I’ve been a photographer for over 40 years.  Although most of my work has been in advertising and packaging, I have been shooting portraits for over 25 years.


My fees vary depending upon the venue, travel, size of plate and other factors.  Everything is custom. Please contact me to discuss your desires.  I do love to hear from you and really enjoy shooting tintypes.

Individual approach

This is not your ordinary portrait.  In addition to using old world tintype imaging techniques, I work to bring out your individuality.  We collaborate on every image.  That is just how I work.